Michelle Parma
Jan 1975 - Oct 2002

Michelle's legacy of love lives on through Dance to Live! Her first dance lessons began at 5 and she danced through life.

When she was 11 years old, Michelle wrote, "To me, dance is everything. It is my air to breathe, my will to live, and the water to quench the thirst in my soul to express myself. When I am dancing, my life is in order; without dance and my ability to free my feelings, my world is chaotic and confused."

Dancing helped Michelle get through the tough times in her life.

"When I was dancing, I could be anyone. I took all my anger, the love, and the disappointment that was hidden deep inside my soul and let it burst out through my body. I always knew I was OK when I was dancing, that things would work out after all and that tomorrow would be a brighter, new day.

In February, 2007, almost 4 years after Michelle's death, her sister found a prayer, written between pages of math homework from several years before. "I thank you for your love and I pray for our relationship and your guidance to the vehicle I should use to give back, Lord. I love you. M."

Michelle was 24 when she wrote that prayer. She was 27 when she and her cousin Mandie were killed in an automobile accident. So... for you, Michelle, there is Dance to Live! Your love for dance extends your compassion into the world as the experience of Dance to Live! makes stronger bodies, enduring souls, and individuals passionate for life. Dance to Live! proves that love extends beyond a lifetime. It is the answer to your prayer.