THE HARTFORD DANCE COLLECTIVE bridges the gap between dance and the community by curating unique performances for female artists, providing open adult movement classes, and sharing our warm industrial studio space in Hartford, CT.

The Hartford Dance Collective is a 501(c)3 non profit organization, founded in July of 2017. We aim to empower women to have a voice and an equal opportunity in dance by providing choreographic and leadership opportunities. By sharing professional contemporary dance with new audiences and providing performances in diverse locations, we work to bridge the gap between the arts and our community. 


Since the conception of our 2,300sq foot studio/performance space located in the heart of Parkville, dance has grown and flourished in Hartford. This space has been able to give many artists in the area a home to create. We offer open dance classes for adults, and hold the belief that everyone can dance and everyone should. Movement allows us to escape, which drives our commitment to curating experiences that allow for discovery and connection.


A note on gender:

When we started the Collective, a major goal of ours was - and still is - to advocate for female choreographers and dancers to give them opportunities within a male-dominated industry. That being said, we hold the belief that gender is fluid, and for some even undefinable. When we say “woman”, we use it as a term for anyone who relates or connects to being a woman in some way. We are aware that some women are more privileged than others. Trans women and women of color are underrepresented and may not have as many opportunities as others -  and it is extremely important for us to be a collective that represents ALL types of women. We realize the large scale of this issue and would love to work to create change in the arts community. The Collective is adamant about uplifting the voices and experiences of trans women and/or women of color, and it is important for us to stay open to finding ways to showcase their stories. As we continue on this endeavor, we continue to learn about what that might mean. Creating a safe and inclusive environment for ALL women is, and always will be, a priority to us.



President — Jillian Foley

Vice President — Jane Krantz

Secretary — Marjorie Gross

Treasurer — Frances Fuller